Personal and individual


That’s why my motto is: reliability above all, throughout all of Switzerland and Europe. 

 Being a Swiss family enterprise headquartered in Zurich, I will transport your vehicle and freight securely,  discreetly and

punctually to where you would like it to be. 


My offer


I transport all types of vehicles and freight, such as oldtimers, racecars, motorcycles, vehicles in unroadworthy condition, any freight and arrange the inter-european border crossings. You may send your inquiry 24/7, in English, German or French. I accept small or large requests. Transports are available in either open or closed trailers or semitrailer for weights up to 24t. I will get my hands dirty for you, or wear velvet gloves to protect what you love about your vehicle or freight. My ambition is to safeguard what is precious to you. Reliability at its utmost.